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David Williams

Leighton, I think it says it all when you opt to identify yourself with 'malu cachu' rather than take the time to watch the programme. Cofion David


I missed it when it went out, and I would watch it if you could supply a link, but the direction of travel was clear from your questions in the interview. Stop being so grumpy. Looks to me as though you are finding it hard to adjust to the new media world in which the interviewees get to comment on the interviewer. The age of the all-powerful interviewer is over. If you can't take criticism, don't dish it out.

David Williams

Oooooo dear, oh great wizard of the blogosphere! Who is the grumpy one now? If you're so adept at the new technology, why didn't you use your online prowess and check out BBC iPlayer while the programme was still available? Get with it Leighton. Either that or just continue malu-cachuing. Laterz, Dave.


When I checked out iPlayer, the programme wasn't available. But it wasn't exactly top of my list of programmes I wanted to watch!

J H Jones

The problem with this programme was the absence of a link into the survey they hang it on. I have trouble believing the results that they published in their piece.
Where were the 5 schools that they surveyed in the North and in the south?

Dyffryn Nantlle is the most Welsh school in Wales with 87% of pupils coming from Welsh speaking homes, but how did they get such a high average for 5 Schools on preference for Welsh speaking outside school? Only by cherry picking the schools I suspect.
I notice David Williams on the politics show saying that 95% of pupils in Bryn Tawe come from English speaking homes. Estyn records 28% of pupils from Welsh speaking homes. The BBC have so far failed to supply a copy of the survey after a FOI request.

Bethany Lewis

yeah i was the focus of the program. and i can guarantee that 95% of bryntawe pupils do come from english speaking homes, since i actually go there!

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