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Friday, 16 March 2012


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Hi Leighton
As a labour member (who you canvassed with in 2007)I was taken aback by the result.Clearly Plaid members have looked at their(not very good) options and have decided on a fresh start.Time will tell, but I saw their close associations with the Welsh language as a hindrance to them gaining more support outside their heartlands. Perhaps the election of Wood will give them a boost in the short term,but sooner rather than later she will have to come up with policies that differentiate her from her predecessors.
It will be interesting how the Welsh media,who I see as friends of Plaid react to these developments.
ps might bump into you Sunday at CCS!

Labour good at women? Redwina Hartski? Jane Hut? I would go on, but I don't want to embarrass you.

I think you underestimate the seismic shift in Plaid's ambition, and its ability to achieve them that Leanne's election represents. No more comfortable certainties, and a threat to the Labour hegemony in the valleys. Within 5 years there will probably be no UK to fight for, so all bets are off regarding the traditions of Welsh politics!


I was hoping for intelligent engagement, not name-calling and personal abuse. Edwina Hart has made a major contribution to devolution as a Cabinet Minister since 1999, something that would I think be recognised by Plaid's Chair Helen Mary Jones and most of your A.M.s; and Jane Hutt similarly, introducing the Foundation Phase and playing a key role in establishing the One Wales Government, a fact recognised by your Preseli candidate John Osmond in his pamphlet on the coalition. Then you can add Sue Essex, Jane Davidson, Lesley Griffiths, Rosemary Butler as well as the many women Welsh Labour has elected to Westminster. I am sure in due course Plaid will send a woman to Westminster, but it is well behind Labour in that.

As for challenging our hegemony in the valleys - well, I take nothing for granted, but
I doubt that somehow.

As for the UK, we will see.

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