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Saturday, 09 July 2011


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Don't call it Leninism; you know better than that. Lenin's government gave non-Russian nations in Russia far more rights, including linguistic equality and the constitutional right to secede, than Wales enjoys within Britain now.

Leninism also, by the way, guaranteed a full & free education to every worker -- something the Welsh government has not done and, not to put too fine a point on it, something that your ministry has actively moved way from.

That said, the decision to change the apportionment and electoral system in Wales is indeed one that should by all rights rest with the democratic decision of Welsh voters. I feel STV with more AMs would be a better system for Wales, and I feel confident that any party which can genuinely link in with the working class and put forward a programme the working class wants should have no fear of proportional representation; but the decision to change, if it happens, should be made here.

I think it's a good idea. It'd be really confusing having different boundaries for Westminster and Assembly elections. Personally I don't like the current AMS system- I feel we get two types of AM's where regional ones "seem" inferior.

Out of interest, Sir- who would lose out with a change to STV? would it be Labour. I know we in Labour would lose out with more AMS AM's- but unsure how it would effect under STV. Personally I want as fairer system as possible; so if 50% vote Labour, then we should get 50% of the seats. So sorry if this disagrees with you!.

But most definitely, I think Westminster and Assembly Constituency's SHOULD remain the same- for both us as the public and for sound party management (as parties would end up having a number of constituency offices!).

There is a mandate as it was one of the recommendations of the Richards Commission. Why is one recommendation more important than another?

I share the dislike for the confusion it would cause. The Pontypridd CLP members voted in the 2007 South Wales Central selection for the other candidates as they didn't understand the system, meaning I didn't get on the list for Labour. I still feel grateful for the support of Cardiff West, liking my vision of co-operatives for community regeneration.

If Labour and the Unions are willing to use STV inside the party, why not trust the public with it?

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