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Friday, 04 February 2011


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This talks about the quality of teachers. This required good management skills - not something teachers are good at!! How exactly will the incompetent teachers (that every child and parent knows) be dealt with? Every other walk of life will dismiss incompetent individuals.

Bet in 5 years time, no teachers in Wales will have been dealt with for incompetency!

Nice speach, however its a good job I was taught elsewhere and have the education and skills to be able to coach my kids through most subjects to near ALevel standard and to pay for professional tutoring where I can't!!


As a teacher this is the most inspiring piece I've read in a long while. I wish to thank you for your frankness and openness when assessing education in Wales during the last 5 years or so. Without wanting to cause a storm, or upset fellow professionals, most of us know that standards have slipped in two main areas; end of KS2 assessment and basic skills.

On the subject of failing teachers I had an underperforming NQT under my guidance recently. Despite my willingness to fail her my headteacher wanted nothing of the sorts... it was far easier to pass than risk going through a tribunal and losing. Unions are also a stumbling block. Despite their best interests they have their members rights at heart, often to the detriment of the profession, school and learners.

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