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Thursday, 15 January 2009


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That battle three years ago was to stop the merger of the Leader and Observer titles ie having effectively one newspaper representing Taff Ely and Rhondda.
As the current editor of both titles, I have reorganised things so that the news team of six on site now effectively works for both titles.
However, I can categorically assure readers that the Rhondda Leader and the Pontypridd & Llantrisant Observer will continue to have their own distinct identities since they serve completely different communities with different interests.
In the coming weeks, the communities will be seeing far more of our reporters and there will be much more community news - district news has already grown by 25% to four pages. Much more is on the way.
Yes, in a global recession that's seen thousands of redundancies, public bail-outs of banks and major companies going under, costs are under pressure.
But the Leader is still around half the cost of a half pint of beer, a third of a pack of 10 ciggies and about the cost of a pastie.
And it's much better for you than all of the above....Wayne

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