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Monday, 19 May 2008


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PeterI love all this back-pedalling. Must be lonely when only you and Dafydd El really support the guidance.Unfortunately the Guidance is more than Guidance. It explicitly states: The Guidance in fact states that it ‘sets out the rules that must be followed if you use your Office Costs Allowance (OCA) to pay for setting up and/or running a website.’I notice you proudly boast 'Personally, I pay the costs of my website out of my own pocket. The use of blogspot is free. If AMs want to be free of restriction, no matter how limited, then they can follow suit.'Yet you blog from the Chamber using Assembly-provided computers and Assembly-funded Internet access. Since your blog is unashamedly party political it Looks like you are in breach of that other Guidance - on use of Assembly resources - then.

Ultimately Leighton it was only ever guidance. How it is interpreted is up to you. The comeback however is that at some stage the Standards Committee may be called on to adjudicate on a complaint. It is at that stage that the guidance is fully tested.

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