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Friday, 04 April 2008


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I agree! I too have been setting up various ICT accounts recently, I now have so many I cannot remember which ones link to which email!

Take this for example, in order to post a reply on your comment (having got your name from Adam Prices conference speech and 'googled you') I then had to sign up for a TypePad account! I already have 4 blogsites, 2 websites, facebook, myspace and twitter I am also trying to work with VOIP and have skype and gizmo5 accounts.

I believe however that the technology is only ever as good as the people that use it and the quantity of people that use it!
The dilemma I have is simply which one to concentrate my energies on. Microsoft Office Live offer a free business website for 2 years with Shared Workspace and email accounts - http://www.thearcproject.co.uk

Google on the other hand offer free online applications - google apps. which can then link to a free server URL- http://thearcproject.co.cc

*The point I am trying to get at here...As a new startup social enterprise in Carmarthenshire, I realise that not everyone is computer savvy (like us! lol) but ICT MUST be free access to all.
The world wide web gives us all the ability to affect Social Change - and for me this is Environment, Economy and Society led.

I would appreciate you thoughts and opinions! I will be exhibiting at Plaid's Green Conference at the National Botanic Gardens of Wales on Saturday 25th April 2009.

I look forward to further communications.

Kindest regards,
Adam S. Margetts Esq. BA
Co-ordinator, theARCproject
T. 0709 227 5563

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