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Ooh, me first, me first!

The problem with the bbc is that it thinks England is britain and its got its panties in a twist trying not to admit that England actually is a separate country. For instance, it NEVER DISCUSSES THE ISSUE OF AN ENGLISH PARLIAMENT!

Sorry for shouting, but they don't hear very well in the beeb corridoors of power.


Thanks for your comment. I will be posting something about Englishness and the BBC in due course.

Gavin Ayling

The BBC departments, BBC Scotland etc. which don't extend to including a BBC England is typical...


Living in Canada I long for the BBC - it's amazing how much you miss it when confronted with the rubbish that passes for TV and radio here.

It's not just about the BBC. A strong public sector makes the private sector up their game. Not only do we in Britain have the best public broadcaster, we also have some of the best private - I'd cite Channel Four news and Sky Sports coverage as an exapmle.

That said, if the BBC doesn't change to reflect my identity (English) then I'll vote for its abolition right now. I don't see why English licence money should go towards paying for Welsh BBC, Scottish BBC, Asian BBC, World BBC etc.

The BBCs regions do not correspond directly to Prescotts (having existed prior to Government regionalisation) but the lack of a pan-England dimension to the Beeb smacks of cronyism, and makes me believe the BBC is persuing a political agenda that corresponds roughly to that of the UK Government.

Particularly annoying is Newsnight.


Is this a CEP invasion only, or can anyone join in?


Feel free - anyone can join in!

Peter Clay

Good grief. I hadn't realised that British and English identities were so vitally different that a specifically English BBC was wanted. What is the difference?

(Mind you, I've mostly given up on television, so who am I to talk?)


Gavin Ayling, there is a BBC Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. BBC 'England' is split into different regions. There are 16 of these on Sky digital (in the 900s). There is also BBC 2 England etc.


I don't need the government to force me to pay for a fair and impartial TV, radio or internet broadcaster any more than I need the government to force me to pay for a fair, impartial newspaper or magazine. The whole idea that the population needs to be provided with the BBC's output is patronising and unacceptable in a modern democracy. It is a system more suited to a authoritarian, fascist state such as Mussolini's Italy. I suspect that many BBC staff are genuinely convinced that the people should be forced to pay for the services of intellectuals such as themselves. That attitude stinks, and was quite common amongst those who considered themselves cleverer than the masses back in the time when the BBC was formed. In 2005 it is utterly ridiculous that we stil have to suffer an organisaton so pompous.

Jack Bauer

I just don't buy your addiction to "public service" broadcasting.

(Well actually I do in a way, as I'm forced by law to buy a licence.)

Who's public service? Not mine. Independent TV has to include a public service provision when it PAYS the government for the right to broadcast on the public airways.

So we can easily have "public service" provisions in a free market media.

The BBC should go it's merry way without me subsidizing it. If it's that great, enough people will pay voluntarily. Like they do with Sky.

James G.

I think the BBC does many things well, such as science and nature, and documentaries. They even used to do pretty decent drama and comedy.

I have problems with the news output. I think there are obvious and clear biases, particularly in the Beeb's flagship news programmes such as Today and Newsnight.


Gavin gives himself away when he says he has a high regard for Channel 4.
This is the most uncompromisingly left-wing TV station in the UK.
The BBC has a left wing politically correct bias as does the ABC in Australia and the 'public service' stations in the USA.
A fortune is there for the taking if there was the equivalent of a Fox TV here in the UK.


Why do we need public service broadcasting? We don't need public service bingo halls, car washes or chip shops do we? TV programmes are like these things, desireable to some, but essential to nobody. TV, all TV should be provided on a take it or leave it basis by private sector providers.

The real public service in public service braodcasting is the service the public does to the BBC employees, that is keeping them in jobs that are cmpletely unnecessary.
The main

Paul Evans

So the BBC is culpable for not ever discussing an English Parliament?

An English Parliament is hardly an issue that has set the nation alight, so far, is it?

The point about the BBC is that we all believe that it is accountable to us - even those of us who think it could be more accountable than it is.

This is not true of any other media entity. And don't give me any of that bullshit about not buying it if you don't like it.

On that basis, I'd never be able to buy any newspaper.

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